To plan and maintain a safe work environment for its employees is a must for those companies interested in facing new challenges with an ethical and professional approach.

The commitment to elevating the safety standards itself is not enough; this is why HD promotes all initiatives aimed at divulging the “culture on safety” amongst its employees and suppliers.

The commitment of the company in the field of safety is evident through:

  • The development of a managing system of safety on the job, with the implementation of procedures and guidelines HSE, and the mandatory attendance to meetings on the coordination of safety activities with its clients and its HSE representatives;
  • The significant increase of training hours and refresh courses for all HD employees. Such training is based on HSE general courses and specific ones: for crane operators, operators of moveable rigs, first aid, fire prevention… as well as additional specific courses on the drilling activity IWCF, H2S course, rig access and helicopter landing officer courses, offshore safety induction and emergency, etc.
  • The involvement of the employees in actively managing safety on the site with the SIC (Safety Improvement Card) system with which everyone is in a position to notify anomalies, risks or suggestions. Such system allows to address each event out of the norm and to speed up the resolution of a dangerous situation. This system involves also sub-contractors and contractors. In order to obtain the maximum involvement of the company personnel, the SIC system is tied to an incentive program within the “HSE Award”, the Company rewards the best alert in the matter of safety, health and environment made by the workers on the site.

In order to meet these standards HD nurtures the awareness of the workers through continuous training and the authority conferred to each worker the “STOP WORK AUTHORITY” which is to be enforced in the event of operations which are not conducted according to the proper standards of safety, this is all in the interest of HD employees and its clients.

HD promotes the slogan on the HSE incentive program which is “Don’t be a sheep. Think outside the group!”.