HD pays great attention to the health of all operators which at times it means that the characteristics, determined by working in the drilling field and maintenance of wells for the extraction of hydrocarbons, endogenous forces and water, are at times extreme. Such conditions require medical check-ups which can determine the impact of factors such as: extreme climate conditions, night work, jetlag, etc.

The workers’ health is tied to their happiness, the protection of such conditions is paramount in the management procedures relative to human resources.

Amongst the initiatives undertaken for the benefit of its operators, HD:

  • Gives the possibility to its employees to have additional medical insurance (FASIE)
  • Has a health protocol for all HD employees which is “custom made” based on the risk analysis of the various contexts in which the worker will be stationed: offshore, extreme climate conditions, night work, etc.
  • Reviews and if necessary updates on the occasion of the annual Meeting on Safety the Health Protocol, for the purpose of addressing certain specific issues brought up by the company doctor.
  • Following the risk assessment the Company supplies the workers with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) which are specific to their job description and in compliance with medical advice (i.e. goggles with prescription lenses when needed).
  • Has additional accident insurance to cover specifics risks.
  • Runs special surveys to determine the effects of noise and vibration on the workers and finds measures to decrease the health risks (Personal Protection Equipment, operative procedures, reduction of exposure time, etc.)