“We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers, but we are renting it from our children”.

(Indian proverb)

HD believes that it is possible, in fact it is a must, to reduce the environmental imprint caused by our activities.  This, according to Hydro Drilling, must take place through the divulgation and sharing of a solid culture and environmental sensitivity.

  • HD work is always done in full compliance of the international, national and local laws and according to the good practices of the sector;
  • HD respects the environment by reducing waste produced in the course of its activity, by separating waste as prescribed by national laws;
  • HD adopts a series of measures to prevent spillage of materials both during work and maintenance activities;
  • The layout of equipment on the work site is done in such a way as to minimalize the environmental footprint of the site thus reducing as much as possible the areas occupied in the drilling activities;
  • In order to further reduce its environmental imprint, HD has acquired two hydro-electrical rigs with low acoustic impact. This makes them ideal for activities carried out in areas with a high population density and in protected areas.