Historical Milestones

1976 - 1977

HD was founded (in Alessandria, Italy) and began acquiring rigs.

1978 – 1984

HD drills its 1st well in Libya, beginning the company’s international activities.

1985 - 1997

HD aligned with AGIP (now Eni) executing multiple well programs throughout the Mediterranean region, while acquiring more rigs.

HD expanded into downstream services (while still in upstream) to set up the very successful, GeoEnergy consortium.

2000 - 2011

HD upgrades rig fleet with hydraulic rigs while broadening its relationship with Eni and expanding market footprint further into North Africa.

2012 - 2020

HD continued its market share expansion further into central Europe as well as into the Ukraine and Algeria.

HD also began to work with several new, regional clients to expand service to P&A and gas storage drilling.

HD also begins to provide O&M services offshore.


HD makes hard push to grow via inorganic and alternative means and partners with Nabors Drilling (Europe & Africa), to offer the most robust, services offerings to our clients, in the world.