Technical services & maintenance


Hydro Drilling Srl supplies integrated services connected to the production of hydrocarbons, assembling and managing of the operating sites and connected activities in a synergetic manner and functional to the needs for reducing costs and streamlining of its own and Client’s procedures:
  • Specific skills in the activities requiring interface of drilling and production operations
  • Specific interacting skills for well-control activities
  • Specific interacting skills for concurrent onshore and offshore production activities 
 In more details, HD is capable of conducting the operating activities listed below:
  • Works of electro-instrumental adjustments of the operating sites (offshore platforms, single and clustered wells) in preparation for the drilling/workover activities.

Restoration of electro-instrumental equipment on the work sites, after the interventions conducted on the wells (revamping), in order to allow in the shortest time possible, resumption of production of hydrocarbons

Conducting production processes activities during the drilling/workover operations on the wells.

  • Modifications of its own rigs to the production sites in order to “simultaneously” produce hydrocarbons and performe in-hole opertions:

Planning, supply and start-up of all the equipments necessary for the simultaneous operation and safety of the production wells, with the supply of the electro-instrumental technical engineers’ team for assistance in assembling, with periodical checks of operation of the equipments supplied.

  • Supply of equipments, materials and qualified staff for the above listed activities.