Rig Packages

Through our 40 years history as a Drilling Contractor we have learned a lot of nuances related to the most important features of the drilling rigs and other well site equipment that make a difference for the effectiveness of the drilling projects. When we design, assemble and deliver a rig to a customer we always treat these tasks the same way as if we were producing a rig for our own use.

This is why HD Rig Solutions unit is able to deliver to its clients a rig package that meets and exceeds the oil companies expectations in terms of performance, reliability, mobility and high HSE standards. The rigs are assembled in our yards or in a close proximity to the sites where they will be used and efficiently serviced by our experienced technical team.

Design: HD's unique design focuses on reliability and performance by incorporating only the highest quality API components along with our unique HMI (human machine interface). The HD 375ACS and 500ACS offer full functionality for multiple well locations and streamlined single well rig moves. Our instrumentation package provides both real time and predictive data which has been developed to recognize performance risk and the reduction of flat time intervals.

Commercial Customization: HD integrates the best drilling equipment components available in the market into a single turn-key product fit for immediate use. The components are procured only from the most respected and reliable manufacturers worldwide.

Reduction of moving time: we understand that mobilization and moving time and costs minimization is extremely important for the drilling contractors’ customers. Our rigs are delivered with detailed rig move load lists and sequencing so that the clients can "hit the ground running".

HSE is a primary concern of every drilling company. The cutting edge technology used in our rigs reduces a risk of human error which can lead to an accident while adding multiple electronic controls to every phase of the operations.