Hydro Drilling Srl manages and operates through 5 onshore and offshore drilling rigs with various static hookload capacities included between 90 metric tonnes and 454 metric tonnes; such rigs are dedicated to the oil & gas and geothermal market:

  • ONSHORE and OFFSHORE drilling rigs: HD manages a fleet of drilling rigs each fitted with materials and equipments in compliance with the requests from the clients, with the good oilfield practices, and with the most stringent regulations of the countries in which it operates. 
  • Workover and well abandonment rigs: HD is also fitted with minor, simplified assembling and fast moving rigs, ideal for this type of activities. 
HD has acquired three decades of experience in handling onshore and offshore operations and, through ongoing processes of improvements, has been able to optimise the productive processes, aligning them with the highest standards of the sector. 
This result is the subject of open recognition by the most demanding clients, whose expectations have not only been met, but in some cases exceeded. In addition, the latest acquisitions of rigs have allowed us to access innovations supplied by the sector’s technology researches, which has enabled the company of increasing added value to the service offered. The latest rigs purchased by the company, such as the HH220 hydraulic rig, have allowed the company to abate the environmental impact tied to the emissions in the air (noises, fumes). This has reduced the health risks for the workers thanks to the high level of automation thus allowing the company of offering to the market versatile and fast movable rigs. 
Concomitant with the purchase of the new systems, we have provided in renovation and upgrading of the existing rigs. Specific dayly, extraordinary and planned maintenance procedures on the equipments utilised allows us to maintain the equipments in highly efficient conditions, and reducing the idle or down times to the minimum.
Moreover, the central warehouse and on-site storages guarantee the maintenance of the minimum stock of replacements parts and consumable materials.
Through the use of highly qualified staff, HD is determined to achieve the distinguished objectives in relation to its corporate policy:
  • no accidents
  • preservation of safety and health of its employees
  • respect for the environment
  • reduction of damages from wear and tear
  • no rigs downtime 
  • achievement of the defined goals in relation to its corporate policy
  • client satisfaction