Hydro Drilling Srl owns and manages a fleet of 5 drilling rigs active in the field of research and storage of hydrocarbons, workover and geothermal.
Such rigs are conceived and equipped in such manner for supplying high drilling performances, but with special attention placed on the environment (noise, visual impact, pollution) and safety (through the use of highly automated equipments).
Description Drawworks Max Hook Load (ton) Mud Pumps HP Top Drive
HH220 ARCHIMEDE Land Rig absent – Hydraulic Rig 200 2 x1600HP Drillmec HTD - 200 tons
HH220 LEONARDO Land Rig Hydraulically Driven 200 2x1600HP Drillmec HTD - 200 tons
IDECO M 1200 Land Rig IDECO M 1200 280 2x1200HP Bowen TD 350 P Hydraulic
MASSARENTI MR 4000 Workover Rig MAS 2000 TR 90 2x350HP - 1x1000HP -
FMWR Adriatic 1 Offshore Modular Workover Rig National 610 EP 181 2x1000 HP Canrig 6027 E