Technical Details
Land Rig
absent – Hydraulic Rig
Max Hook Load (ton): 
Mud Pumps HP: 
2 x1600HP
Top Drive: 
Drillmec HTD - 200 tons
Manufacturer : 
Production year: 

The HH220 FA “ARCHIMEDE” rig is an innovative drilling rig meeting the technical requirements from the major oil companies.

The rig stands as the most recent technological advance applied in the oil sector. Indeed, thanks to its design, the technical features and various equipments, it represents an integrated drilling system, allowing a drastic reduction of drilling costs through technologically advanced innovative systems, a least environmental impact thanks to reduced footprints, minimisation of the noise and generation of wastes and additionally featuring high standards of safety and high automation.  
At any time, the driller has full control of the operations from the driller’s cabin. The highly automated system includes handling of the pipes, power tong, slips and mud systems, plus, the drilling parameters can be easily checked by a single operator.
The rigs are fitted with an automatic system for handing pipes and the drilling operations are controlled through a plc in such a way to prevent any interference with staff occupied on the rig floor. The drilling parameters are checked during the drilling with a constant WOB or a constant drilling speed, defined by the operator from the control panel. 
The use of highly automated equipments reduces the risk of accidents and environmental impact.  
Reduction of the noise generated seems to be particularly interesting especially when conducting operations near residential areas or inside protected areas. The diesel or electric engines and the oil based hydraulic cooling system are enclosed in sound-proofed containers 
Thanks to the above mentioned features, the HH technology rigs have the quality of reducing the drilling costs up to 35%.