FMWR Adriatic 1

Hydro Drilling International - impianto di perforazione FMWR – Adriatic 1
Technical Details
Offshore Modular Workover Rig
National 610 EP
Max Hook Load (ton): 
Mud Pumps HP: 
2x1000 HP
Top Drive: 
Canrig 6027 E
Manufacturer : 
Production year: 

The FMWR – Adriatic 1 rig has been conceived for performing all the operations necessary for the workover of wells located on offshore platforms in the Adriatic Sea.

The rig owned by Nabors Drilling International has been assembled in Ravenna in 1993 and registered with R.I.N.A. From that date HD staff has been operating successfully on such rig.

In 2000 an important upgrade with the addition of an electric top drive has allowed the rig of being utilisable also for more complex workover interventions.

One of the major features of this modular rig is tied to the simplicity of assembling and disassembling of all of its components, whose weight does not exceeds 12 tons per crane back pull. Moving can be completed through the use of only 5 trips by way of supply vessel.