Through the years providing for a work environment safe for the workers has become an ever more stringent need for companies intending to meet new challenges and face them through the highest ethical and professional standards.
The corporate commitment for the increase of safety standards alone is not enough, therefore the company promotes every initiative aimed at spreading the “safety culture” with all those employed and third parties subjects operating with and for HD.
The corporate commitment to safety is pointed out and stressed through : 
  • The implementation of a system for managing safety in the workplace, whose inputs are gathered directly from the same workers.
  • An important increase in training hours (+120% only the past year). Such training is based on provisions by the EU laws – courses for basic HSE, specialised HSE courses, cranes operators courses, mobile platforms operators courses, First Aid, Fire prevention, etc. – and on specific courses for the oil drilling activities - IWCF, H2S courses, deck landings, survival at sea, etc.
  • Involvement of the staff in the active management of safety in the yard has introduced the SIC (Safety Improvement Card) system, through which everyone has the chance of notifying or pointing out abnormalities, risks or suggestions found in the area of HSE. Such system allows us to follow any outstanding non-conformity and to implement the quickest resolution of the risk situation. The system involves also the subcontractors and contracted workers of the Client.
  • In order to achieve and secure the maximum involvement by the company staff, the SIC system is associated to an incentive plan as part of the project called “HSE Award” for rewarding the best notification about safety, health and environment flagged in the yard by the staff.
  • The most utilised HSE slogan for the incentive programme is: ”Don’t be a sheep. Think from outside the group!”.
  • Empowerment of the staff is guaranteed by an ongoing training and by the authority conferred to each employee of stopping the operations which are not conducted according to proven safety standards, in the interest of workers, HD and Clients.
  • The proactive participation to the meetings of coordination for safety and activities held by the client on a daily basis.
  • Accurate analysis of the causes for accidents, injuries or near misses, in order to take quick preventive and corrective measures.