Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (Q-HSE)

Hydro Drilling has for many years implemented an operating system which encompasses and integrates the various phases connected to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. The system is extended and expanded through company functions specifically assigned to the role and charged with maintaining and develop an operating system, verify the correct application, correct any non-conform situations and involve offices and yards in the various phases on the matter.
The need for maintaining the Q-HSE system is justified by the success of a company and is strictly tied to the concepts of the sustainable development of the environment in which we operate. Such goal can be, on one hand, achieved through application of modern technologies and cutting edge equipments, but on the other needs processes and procedures allowing the staff and other various contracted workers of operating in our yards.
Our company quality assurance management system is certified by an external certifying agency based on the ISO 9001 regulations . Plus, such system takes into account the standards highlighted by specific regulations of the sector such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, specific requirements of law, procedures implemented by clients and/or inspired by the good oil & gas practices.
In addition, the company HSE policy is defined and punctually updated by the company management, taking into consideration the aspects connected to the risks typical of the sector and update of the legislation on the matter.  
While sustaining the various humanitarian organisations for the infancy, Hydro Drilling intends to foster the importance of the social and educational validity at any age and with any population.