"We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers but borrowed it from future generation.” (Native Americans Proverb)

For HD the belief is, or rather a must, that it is possible to reduce the impact on the environment due to its activities through the development of the environmental culture and awareness, even by turning to some simple expedients. 
  • HD work is performed in compliance with the national, international legislations and sector’s practices.
  • HD respects the environment by reducing the wastes produced during the activities, by conducting separate wastes collection according to the national regulations.
  • HD has implemented a series of measures aimed at preventing dumping of materials either during the working as well as during maintenance activities.
  • Layout of the equipments in the yard takes in consideration minimising the footprints of the rig in order to reduce at best the areas occupied during the drilling operations.
  • In order to minimise the environmental impact, the company has acquired two low-noise emitting electro-hydraulic plants. This makes them ideal for works in highly populated areas and even for protected areas (parks, preserves, etc), as proven by the instrumental measurements.