About us


Hydro Drilling Srl is one of the major contractors for oil, gas, and geothermal drilling present in the Italian context.
Hydro Drilling Srl operates and manages a fleet of onshore and off‐shore drilling rigs in Italy and nearby areas such as North Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe countries. Such fleet consists of traditional drilling rigs, latest generation of hydraulic rigs, workover units and an offshore modular rigs.
Throughout the years the company has refined its know‐how in the oil sector through acquisition of contracts with many clients operating in various geographical areas and fitting its own rigs with the most modern drilling technologies. The company staff is distinguished for its multidisciplinary, specific technical training and knowledge of the various languages.
The training courses are designed at the corporate level and allow the staff of acquiring the know‐how necessary for operating on the rigs and the knowledge necessary for their professional growth.
A special attention is placed on the ongoing improvement of the HSE performance inside the yards thanks to targeted training programmes in compliance with the requirements of the regulatory framework and in‐ house HSE performance monitoring systems, which allow of measuring better the company progress and level of consistency with future objectives.
The company legal headquarter is Alessandria, with operations and sales office located in Ravenna. The international operations are supervised from satellite offices located in the countries where we operate. Hydro Drilling Srl is operated based on a quality assurance management system certified by an external agency according to the standard of ISO 9001 regulations.